English Fun Day and In-school English Penmanship Competition

Thursday 22nd April 2021 was World Earth Day. We took the opportunity in LSC to learn more about how our actions are affecting the Earth. Students read an article on global warming and watched a video about Lance Lau, an 11-year-old local climate change activist who is helping to save our planet. Over 350 students answered questions related to the video, of which 55 students answered all the questions correctly and won a prize.



Lastly, we held a recycling competition where we collected over 100 plastic bottles and paper drinks cartons. The winners were the classes that collected:

3B with 40 bottles and cartons

5D with 22

4C with 16

5C with 13

Many thanks to all students who took part to help recycle our waste. We hope that we can all learn more and do more to protect our planet for generations to come.


Our students took part in The 25th Hong Kong School English Penmanship Competition. A popular event, this year many students tried their hands at beautiful cursive writing. The results were as follows:

Junior Sector:

Champion: Wong Lok Yi (2B)

First Runner-up: Ho Pui Yi (3D)

Second Runner-up: Tian Xin Yu (2D)

Merit: Lui Shin Yo (1B)

Merit: Yu Pei Lin (3D)


Senior Sector:

Champion: Yung Yat Yu (4A)

First Runner-up: Ho Ka Wai (5A)

Second Runner-up: Lau Yat Ching (4A)

Merit: Yu Hon Jim (5B)

Merit: Chan Cheuk Ling (6A)


Congratulations to all winners and runners-up.


First English Activity Day

On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th December 2020 we held our first English Activity Day of the year! We enjoyed a Christmas themed reading article, learning about some popular Christmas traditions around the world. We also watched a video about the joy of giving and had a post video activity. Over 400 students attempted the task but only 34 winners obtained the correct answers. Those winners are…

  1. 3C01 CHEUNG Kar Yu
  2. 3C02 KAM Suet Ying
  3. 3C21 LEE Pak In
  4. 5C18 SO Ho Lun
  5. 5C19 SO Tan Chun
  6. 5C20 SO Yat Chun
  7. 5D02 HO Cheuk Wing Cherry
  8. 5D08 CHAN Yin Ming
  9. 5D10 CHUI Jasper
  10. 5D12 KWOK Cheng Nok
  11. 5D13 KWOK Ho Sang
  12. 5D14 LAU Ki Kit
  13. 5D15 LAW Tsz Chun
  14. 5D16 MANOCH Yan Ho
  15. 5D17 PUN Yin Tung
  16. 5D18 SIU Hanson
  17. 5D20 WONG Chun Lok
  18. 5D21 YEUNG Cheuk Him Rory
  19. 5D22  YU Hong Lin
  20. 6A06 LEUNG Kei Kwan
  21. 6A09 MUI Kwan Tung Tina
  22. 6A11 TO Ka Yan
  23. 6A12 WONG Wing Ching
  24. 6A18 FU Wing Lok
  25. 6A24 SO Wing Lok
  26. 6C06 NG Tsz Ting
  27. 6C11 HA Wai Ho
  28. 6C13 KWOK Tsz Kit
  29. 6C24 YIP Cho Wai
  30. 6D01 CHENG Hang Yi
  31. 6D04 PANG Wing Laam
  32. 6D05 WONG Sheung
  33. 6D18 TANG Yiu Wa
  34. Miss Matteo

Prizes were eventually given when we had afternoon class teacher periods from 1st – 8th February 2021.


1st English Activity Day

On Thursday 10th October 2019, we celebrated Thanksgiving along with our English Speaking Day. Students earned ‘play money’ by speaking in English with teachers. They then exchanged their coins for delicious roast turkey, refreshing ice-lollies or to buy a flower and write a Thanksgiving card to a teacher or friend. It was a fun day full of appreciation as we gave thanks for all the blessings in our lives.














English Fun Days 2019

We enjoyed another fantastic week of English activities and learning opportunities in our annual English Fun Days!

We held our ever popular games stalls with exciting new word games. Students also read out a ‘synonyms and antonyms’ recital to earn coins. Coins could then be spent in our mouth-watering café, at our stacked prize counter or to dedicate songs to friends at our song corner.

Furthermore, we welcomed special guests from the US Consulate as they shared about North American culture, language and idioms. It was a great chance to meet with and speak with foreigners, learning more about American English.

Lastly, we held our English Singing Competition with 6 students performing. Many thanks to all those involved, the singers, MCs, teacher performers and also teacher judges. We look forward to other English activities in the near future!

Winners of the English Singing Competition 2019:

1st place:    4B Tracy Law

2nd place:   2B Michelle Tsang

3rd place:   5B Karyo Cheung & 5D Evelyn Tse


2nd English Activity Day and the In-school English Penmanship Competition

Thursday 13th December was our second English Activity Day with a theme of Christmas music. Students came to play our Guess the Lyrics Game: They listened to Christmas songs, identified lyrics and answered questions. Over 130 students came to play or help in this festive game day and had lots of fun doing so. We wonder what we’ll play next time!


Our students recently took part in The 23rd Hong Kong School English Penmanship Competition. A popular event, this year many students tried their hands at beautiful cursive writing. The results were as follows:

Junior Section:

Champion: So Hei Man (1B)

First Runner-up: Yung Yat Yu (2B)

Second Runner-up: Law Suet Yi (3B)

Merit: Cheung Kar Yu (1C)

Merit: Tang Pui Man (3D)


Senior Section:

Champion: To Ching Yee Christy (6C)

First Runner-up: Chung Sze Wan (5A)

Second Runner-up: Lai Chi Nga (6A)

Merit: Tsang Tsz Ching (5A)

Merit: Mui Kwan Tung Tina (4A)


Congratulations to all winners and runners-up.


English Online Reading Award Scheme 2017-18 (Junior Forms)

Reading is an important pathway of learning, knowledge, imagination and creativity. Junior form students have the wonderful opportunity to participate in our English Online-Reading programme. Awards are given to students who have met the reading target of 1 book every week. The most impressive students received a Platinum Award for consistently reading all year round, with some students reading for over 20 hours in the course of the year!

Silver Awards (1 book/week in the 3rd Term)

1A 12          Chu Kin Chun

1A 24          Liang Chi Kit

1A 29          Wang Kangli

1C 08           Yeung Nok Ching

1C 12           Chong Ming Fung

1C 18           Lam Ying Ki

1D 23          Suen Yu Hong

1D 25          Wong Chun Hin

2A 27          Wu Kwan Ho

2B 01           Chan Yik Yiu

2B 02           Cheng Yu Sum

2B 13           Shek Hoi Yan

2B 17           Wuhiu Ching

2B 22           Chung Ki Lok

2D 25          So Yat Chun

2D 26          Wong Chong Laam

3B 01           Chan Cherry

3B 02           Chan Cheuk Ling

3B 03           Chan Man Yi

3B 05           Cheung Lok Yee

3B 06           Kwong Lai Ching

3B 07           Law Tsz Ying

3B 10           Ng Tsoi Yi

3B 16           Yim Ka Yi, Angel

3B 19           Ching Kam Tik

3B 20           Chung Cheuk Hei

3B 21           Fu Wing Lok

3B 24           Kwok Tsz Kit

3B 26           Leung Ka Chun

3B 31           Ma Ho Man

3B 32           Ma Ka Po

3B 33           Pang Chun Hei

3B 34           Tam Ka Kwan

3D 06          Leung Kei Kwan


Gold Awards (1 book/week all year)

2A 04          Lee Choi Yi

2A 06          Xu Nancy

2A 12          Chung Wing Lun

2A 13          Fong Chi Yam

2A 16          Ho Lok Ping

2A 19          Lau Cheuk Chung

2A 22          Siu Hanson

2B 11           Li Tsz Ching

2B 14           Shek King Yu

2B 15           So Pui Ting

2B 19           Chan Yin Ming

2B 25           Law Tsz Chun

2B 31           Wong Chung Hang

3B 22           Hung Pak Lim


Platinum Awards (1 book/week all year and spending 20+ hours reading)

2B 03           Cheung      Hoi Kei

2B 04           Chiu Nga Soen

2B 12           Lok Lap Yin

2B 21           Choy Ka Hei

2B 23           Fan Hei Wun

2B 32           Yan Chun Hei

3B 12           So Hiu Lam



Our Annual English Fun Days

From Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th April, our school celebrated our annual English Fun Days!

It is a time when teachers and students practise their English language skills in a variety of activities. Students spoke in English and played games in exchange for coins. They then spent their hard earned coins at our English Café, at our prize counter or to dedicate songs to friends. In the afternoons, we also held our English singing Competition where student singers had to compete over two days. We had a fantastic time speaking and playing in English and we look forward to our next English activities.

Winners of the English Singing Competition are…

1st place: Elsie Lam   3D

2nd place: Carolanne Cheng   5D

3rd place: Tracy Law   3C


‘Speak Out – Act Up’ Improvised Drama Competition

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, a team of students took part in the 10th ‘Speak Out – Act Up’ Improvised Drama Competition, organized by the NET section of the Education Bureau.

Given only one week to prepare for the competition, we went to Shatin Town Hall and competed against ten other schools from the district. We had a good performance and enjoyed watching those of other groups. In total, over 65 schools participated in the competition across Hong Kong.  Our team didn’t win any team prizes but we one student won the individual prize, the ‘Act Up Star Award!’ for best acting. We are very proud of her, Cherry Chan Cheuk Lam from class 3B.

We hope to take part again next year and test our skills in this competition!

Participating students this year were:

3B Cherry Chan Cheuk Lam

3B Angela Cheung Lok Yee

3B Kelly Ng Tsz Ting

3B Vicky Wan Hiu Laam

3B Summer Yeung Hoi Ching

3D Elsie Lam Kak Yi 

4C Jeff Ho Wai Chun


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