First English Activity Day

On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th December 2020 we held our first English Activity Day of the year! We enjoyed a Christmas themed reading article, learning about some popular Christmas traditions around the world. We also watched a video about the joy of giving and had a post video activity. Over 400 students attempted the task but only 34 winners obtained the correct answers. Those winners are…

  1. 3C01 CHEUNG Kar Yu
  2. 3C02 KAM Suet Ying
  3. 3C21 LEE Pak In
  4. 5C18 SO Ho Lun
  5. 5C19 SO Tan Chun
  6. 5C20 SO Yat Chun
  7. 5D02 HO Cheuk Wing Cherry
  8. 5D08 CHAN Yin Ming
  9. 5D10 CHUI Jasper
  10. 5D12 KWOK Cheng Nok
  11. 5D13 KWOK Ho Sang
  12. 5D14 LAU Ki Kit
  13. 5D15 LAW Tsz Chun
  14. 5D16 MANOCH Yan Ho
  15. 5D17 PUN Yin Tung
  16. 5D18 SIU Hanson
  17. 5D20 WONG Chun Lok
  18. 5D21 YEUNG Cheuk Him Rory
  19. 5D22  YU Hong Lin
  20. 6A06 LEUNG Kei Kwan
  21. 6A09 MUI Kwan Tung Tina
  22. 6A11 TO Ka Yan
  23. 6A12 WONG Wing Ching
  24. 6A18 FU Wing Lok
  25. 6A24 SO Wing Lok
  26. 6C06 NG Tsz Ting
  27. 6C11 HA Wai Ho
  28. 6C13 KWOK Tsz Kit
  29. 6C24 YIP Cho Wai
  30. 6D01 CHENG Hang Yi
  31. 6D04 PANG Wing Laam
  32. 6D05 WONG Sheung
  33. 6D18 TANG Yiu Wa
  34. Miss Matteo

Prizes were eventually given when we had afternoon class teacher periods from 1st – 8th February 2021.

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