English Fun Day and In-school English Penmanship Competition

Thursday 22nd April 2021 was World Earth Day. We took the opportunity in LSC to learn more about how our actions are affecting the Earth. Students read an article on global warming and watched a video about Lance Lau, an 11-year-old local climate change activist who is helping to save our planet. Over 350 students answered questions related to the video, of which 55 students answered all the questions correctly and won a prize.



Lastly, we held a recycling competition where we collected over 100 plastic bottles and paper drinks cartons. The winners were the classes that collected:

3B with 40 bottles and cartons

5D with 22

4C with 16

5C with 13

Many thanks to all students who took part to help recycle our waste. We hope that we can all learn more and do more to protect our planet for generations to come.


Our students took part in The 25th Hong Kong School English Penmanship Competition. A popular event, this year many students tried their hands at beautiful cursive writing. The results were as follows:

Junior Sector:

Champion: Wong Lok Yi (2B)

First Runner-up: Ho Pui Yi (3D)

Second Runner-up: Tian Xin Yu (2D)

Merit: Lui Shin Yo (1B)

Merit: Yu Pei Lin (3D)


Senior Sector:

Champion: Yung Yat Yu (4A)

First Runner-up: Ho Ka Wai (5A)

Second Runner-up: Lau Yat Ching (4A)

Merit: Yu Hon Jim (5B)

Merit: Chan Cheuk Ling (6A)


Congratulations to all winners and runners-up.

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