English Online Reading Award Scheme 2017-18 (Junior Forms)

Reading is an important pathway of learning, knowledge, imagination and creativity. Junior form students have the wonderful opportunity to participate in our English Online-Reading programme.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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Our Annual English Fun Days

From Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th April, our school celebrated our annual English Fun Days!

It is a time when teachers and students practise their English language skills in a variety of activities.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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‘Speak Out – Act Up’ Improvised Drama Competition

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, a team of students took part in the 10th ‘Speak Out – Act Up’ Improvised Drama Competition, organized by the NET section of the Education Bureau.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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Tasty Thanksgiving Party!

We had our first English Speaking Day by celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday 26th October. Students spent the whole week earning play money by speaking to teachers in English.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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Third English Activity Day, 25th May 2017


LSC held our 3rd English Activity Day, a crossover venture with the biology department’s Jellyfish Breeding Programme. Students completed puzzles had the chance to touch live jellyfish too! 

We also had a double award ceremony.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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What an exciting English Easter time!

This Easter, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to welcome friends from our partner school, Wycliffe Christian School. This year, two teachers and ten students came to Hong Kong to spend time with us, to learn more about our lifestyle, culture and traditions.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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北海道教育大學於2016年3月16日到訪本校,進行非母語英文教學交流,當中亦參觀本校學習共同體上課模式,過程順利,交流甚殷。…… 繼續閱讀 →

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English Department ‘Speak Out-Act Up!’ Improvised English Drama Competition 2015/16 英文科Speak Out-Act Up! 即席英語話劇比賽

7 students from our school went to this year’s English Drama Competition, called, “Speak Out!-Act Up!” at Tsuen Wan Town Hall, organised by the EDB NET section.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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Wycliffe Visit 友校來訪


We are delighted to have our Australian friends spending 4 school days (12th-15th April) with us. We had lots of fun showing them around, having lessons and even lunches together.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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English Fun Days 趣味英文周


Our school held its annual English Fun Days with Australians students from partner school, Wycliffe Christian School, from 12th to 14th April.…… 繼續閱讀 →

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