What an exciting English Easter time!

This Easter, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to welcome friends from our partner school, Wycliffe Christian School. This year, two teachers and ten students came to Hong Kong to spend time with us, to learn more about our lifestyle, culture and traditions. We took part in a wide variety of activities: Yum Cha together, taking Australian friends on a local tour of Tai Po, learning Chinese calligraphy, the list goes on.

During their stay, we also held our school’s English Fun Days, hosting English Game stalls, speaking activities, a café, music dedications and much more. We had an unforgettable time together, making new friends whilst practising our English.

During the Easter break, we also went with our Australian guests for a tour of Southern China, in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. For 4 days and 3 nights, we explored the local hot spots, visited museums and experienced a lot of their local customs and culture.

Alas, all good things come to an end, and our new friends have returned safely to their homes in Australia. We pray and hope for a fruitful encounter in the summer as a team of our teachers and students will visit their school in Australia.



本校音樂科於2017年4月5日至4月7日前往 中山中港英文中學進行英語音樂劇交流活動,是次交流活動十分成功,兩間學校的學生表現傑出,演出非常精彩,並吸引當地傳媒到校採訪及報導。





校園水母探究計劃 – Forest House Waldorf School(樹宏學校)交流

感謝Forest House Waldorf School(樹宏學校)邀請,生物科及英文科同工於1月25日帶領學生到該校交流《校園水母探究計劃》。學生用英語跟樹宏學校學生分享如何在校園飼養水母,並透過水母作探究實驗,還交流了一些海洋保育的知識。交流後該校亦嘗試在校內飼養水母,期待日後可作更多的交流。



校園水母探究計劃於去年12月在學與教博覽會展出後,得到各友校的支持及欣賞。今年1月18日,粉嶺保良局馬錦明中學生物科科主任黃瑞賓老師、劉老師、Miss Leanne及中四級修讀生物科的同學放學後來校作交流分享。 經本校同學介紹及分享後,友校亦將會在校內飼養水母,並將會跨校合作,共同以水母作為研究不同生活環境的測試。


Wycliffe Visit 友校來訪

We are delighted to have our Australian friends spending 4 school days (12th-15th April) with us. We had lots of fun showing them around, having lessons and even lunches together. It was such a nice chance for us to make friends and communicate in English.

友校Wycliffe Christian School師生從澳洲遠渡而來,與我們共度四個愉快的上課日。 兩校學生一起上課學習、一起共進午餐,積極以英語交流、樂也融融。


English Fun Days 趣味英文周

Our school held its annual English Fun Days with Australians students from partner school, Wycliffe Christian School, from 12th to 14th April. We had amazing English Talent show performed by our students and interesting presentations made by Australian friends. The lunch-time activities were very interesting, and students enjoyed the games, food and music a lot!

本校英文科與於4月12至14日舉行一年一度的趣味英文周。期間,除有我校學生精彩的英語才藝表演外,Wycliffe Christian School學生亦分享他們的澳洲文化和生活點滴。午間活動亦多姿多彩,有豐富遊戲、食物和英語音樂,同學都樂在其中!


Guangzhou & Shenzhen Cultural Visit 2016 廣深文化探索之旅

Principal Fung, teachers and students, together with students from sister school, China Holiness College, and our lovely Australian friends from partner school, Wycliffe Christian School, from Sydney Australia, enjoyed a wonderful 3-day-2-night trip in Guangzhou and Shenzhen from 8th to 10th April. We had a lot fun visiting the Toyota factory, theme park and enjoying the beautiful night view of the Pearl River on a cruise. It was a great chance for all the students to understand more about the Chinese culture, history and current situation of China.

馮校長、本校師生聯同友校中聖書院以及澳洲悉尼Wycliffe Christian School的師生,於四月八到十日前往廣州和深圳,進行三日兩夜美好的文化探索之旅。通過參觀廣州豐田車、文族文化村、夜遊珠江等體驗,學生都能對中國文化、歷史以及現況有更多的了解。




Students’ Comments  學生感想:

‘I learnt more about Chinese culture…’


2C Tsang Wing Yu曾頴瑜, Winki

‘The night view of Pearl River is very beautiful!’


  3A Sin Yee Man 單綺文, Hatty

‘Students in Jinhui Primary School were very hardworking practising their sport skills.’


3A To Ching Yee 陶靖儀, Christy