Wycliffe Christian School – Cultural Exchange 2014

We are grateful to the teachers and students of Wycliffe Christian School for making a long journey to visit us and for their generous sharing with our students. Their visit stimulated a free exchange of ideas culturally and linguistically. During the class visit, English Fun Days and Guangzhou Study Tour, the meaning of cultural exchange was well understood – the students from different countries tried to promote a mutual understanding. Most importantly, it proved the true value of English which is an indispensable tool to communicate with each other.

It was indeed a valuable opportunity of our students to make use of English more pragmatically and confidently in their daily lives. Thus, we were heartened by observing their willingness of speaking English thanks to our Australian friends for offering their participation. We are eager to see them again at the coming Australia Study Tour in August.


感謝澳洲學校Wycliffe Christian School 遠道而來,與我校師生交流文化,活動包括觀課、英語趣味日及廣州考察團。學生能夠自動、自信地以英文交流,同時明白到英文仍然是不可或缺的溝通媒介,於學生的長遠學習而言,是意義深遠的。因此,我們期望於八月澳洲遊學團再次與他們相會。